Worry An Infectious Virus That Impacts Beauty Aura

Your beauty aura is significantly jeopardized when you find yourself worrying about every event, especially those you cannot change.  Guilt, self pity, vindictiveness, jealousy, revenge, hatred… the list goes on! I’m sure you’re already feeling the energy effect within your self just reading these words. Each of these words evoke emotion.

Worry is like an infectious virus which belongs to the category of negative emotions. These emotions exists in each one of us; except for when you were an infant. Babies only know smiles, cuddles, hugs, laughter as the emotions they display. Unless they are spooked by something out of the ordinary; they do not experience fear. When this happens, it’s a natural inherent self preservation reaction.

FEAR is NOT part of negative emotions. There are two types of fears:

  1. Instinctive Fear: When a perceived threat lures; you have a built-in physical body self preservation reaction (fight or flight).
  2. Acquired Fear: Anything you have learned to be afraid of – for example, spiders.

Worrying is like a deadly virus which can kill you. We all have this learned behaviour virus called negative emotions. It is active when you allow it to blossom. This virus is active when you are in a mind-set of self defense, personal solace, thinking of how to getting ahead of the pack, putting the enemies in their place, etc. It robs your body of its energy and zaps your joy. Worry is not fact based; it is usually scenarios conjured up in your imagination. It is usually when you start to say – what if…

When you participate in this worrying state, you cannot be actively present.  This means you’re missing the moment!  Worrying is a direct contributor to wrinkles, frown lines and other scars which can impact the image you see in the mirror.  Your beauty aura, is significantly diminished.