The Essence of Visioneering

Although you may have impeccable technical, analytical, designing, etc. skills, often that is not enough. Mindset and skill sets are two independent yet inter-dependent pillars to a flourishing business.

The essence of visioneering is the skill to create detailed mental pictures of the results you intend to achieve; then take action towards achieving that result. Those who understand and practice this critical skill, enjoy the many benefits of a flourishing career. These individuals are not chasing the business or the clients, instead they are a success magnet which attracts opportunities and multiplies their results! This skill is the ONE secret ingredient between you and your success.

As an example in the beauty industry – when a client is describing a certain haircut or the hair colour they would like to have, the skilled operator needs to quickly see what the person is asking for in a picture format in their mind’s eye. When the operator creates a mental visual, they are able to mechanically orchestrate how to accomplish the result.

Without a clear visual of the result you intend to create, you will struggle to produce an impressive end product.

Visioneering is a skill which cannot simply be taught; you need to be fully engaged and experience the moment, totally present to the activity at hand. Visioneering is the victory lap after all the mechanical, communication, logistical, and any other technical skills training.