The answers you are looking for is already within. Heard this one before? Yes, most motivational speakers have come to this realization – whether it’s Lisa Nichols, Neale Donald Walsh or Anthony Robins, or any number of other well-known speakers  – they all know the master creator is within!

Externally you demonstrate what you think the world need to see and hear. You psychologically want to be acknowledged, and praised. In so doing, you ignore the inner guidance and then you have your epiphany moment and your next thought is – why didn’t I do “that”? Or say “that”?

It can become a habit which does not serve you.

How many times have you sat down to make decisions about life or your business and then you dismiss the original idea and move on to something else? We all do it! This is the single biggest mistake business owners should curtail. You must learn to “trust yourself”. Your first, the very first inclination is always the right one. Your gut feeling as it’s sometimes referred to, will never lead your astray.

I know it and you know it. Your instinct, the first inclination of what you should say or do is always the right one. Without becoming religious with you, I do believe there’s mention of Jesus telling his disciples – when the time comes you do not need to know what to say, you will be given what to say. (I am not well versed in the bible so this may not be exactly how it’s said). The point being that – the knowing of what to say and do will come from within.

Wake up with the answer

Has this ever happened to you – where you do to bed with a confused issue on your mind and you wake up with the perfect solution? Another example of finding the answer from someplace that is not external or physical. It’s those times when you know “that you know” and you can’t explain how you know.

Recently I engaged with a business to get a project done. I knew deep within myself I did not want to work with this organization however I was already vested in some other products which they offer. As a result I went ahead and let’s just say my instinct is screaming “I told you so”. This has happened countless time in past years and it will likely happen again. It’s the lesson that’s important.

You will find yourself in this situation when it comes to business, your family life, your social life – just about all aspects of your existence. Sometimes you will notice it several times in the same day. You cannot allow these incidents to cripple you; you must forge ahead and take the next step to either rectify the situation or simply detach from it and move on.

When this happens, as it has many times before – I use it as an experience to learn from. I cannot say I will never do it again, because there is a possibility. What I can do is be more diligent in listening to the guidance and make the decision that is right for me. Many times I lost all the dollars I invested. I got delayed with my timelines. I even had a pity party once or twice; thinking I could have saved myself a lot of frustration. The bigger lesson here is recognizing that every setback gives me more momentum to go further and in a more impactful way! You can replace the dollars, you can set a new timeline, you will succeed because of your conviction in what you are doing. These are the massive benefits of “trusting yourself”

When you trust yourself, you will make the right decisions and do the right things. Trust will become a pillar by which you operate your business. When others see you as being trust-worthy – this behaviour will always keep you in integrity with your customers, and consumers. As a result you will always be open for business, not hoping for business.

Go ahead, test it out for yourself! Stop and listen from within.