Transformation or Inspiration, which?

Transformation is often mistaken for inspiration. These two things are so completely different in my mind. You see, as a manager, I can inspire others to take action. I can be an inspiration to others in the way I conduct myself and I can encourage others to inspire those around them. What I cannot do is take someone through a transformation. Each person must be willing to embrace this journey to experience their own personal shift. I can support them, encourage them, empathize with them but in the end they must do the work them-self.

Recently, I had the opportunity to observe a group of people who work in the same business enterprise.The manager was frustrated beyond belief that his employees would not become what he envisioned. I secretly thought to myself, this manager is behaving like he is managing a bunch of puppets not people.

Transformation is an inside job. It’s coming face to face with the ugly truth. Visit the dark unhappy place and make peace with the circumstance whatever it may be. Embrace your brilliance as well as your imperfections. Only then you can move along the path to change and transform to a different version of yourself. The folks who report to this manager were experts at rolling their eyes and scoffing at his constant reprimanding style.

In this manager’s , I was the answer. Little did he realize that I can inspire each of those individuals to take action, yet I cannot force them to become a different version of them-self unless they so chose to embark on that journey.

What Is The Meaning Of Transformation?

  • It means you have to rise upto excellence.
  • Live without 
  • Enjoy every aspect of life dynamically and spontaneously.
  • It means being inconvenienced.
  • It requires being in integrity with yourself.
  • It means committing to play 100%, nothing less.
  • It means focusing on the results you want, not the reasons why not.

A transformed leader teaches, demonstrates and lead without reservations. They do random acts of kindness voluntarily not obligatorily.

Random acts of kindness transcends religion, cultures, language and time.

Give the world the fullest expression of yourself!

“If you don’t like something, change it. If you cannot change it, change your attitude towards it.” Maya Angelou