Reflections-5 Easy Steps to Redirect and Progress Ahead

Reflections don’t always show the whole truth. Do you agree? Let me explain. Sometimes we are so focused on what we want to see that we don’t actually see the thing for what it is.  You want success so badly that you “put on the blindfolds” and head straight for the finish line.

The other day I went for a walk in a park which I had never visited before. I snapped this picture and then something caught my eye – a sudden splash in the water. I looked again and all was quiet. To my amazement – there appeared in full display – eleven, yes eleven huge salmons trying to make their way upstream. I have never seen a salmon run before so naturally I was fascinated.

This picture is a moment in time, and only a snapshot of the actual view I was looking at. What was actually taking place in front of me was almost magical in a way (sorry I’m a nature lover). Watching the fish jump, splash and continuing to forge ahead despite the rocks, the opposing water flow and the up climb.

Observation is the most rewarding exercise

WHEN do you actually take time to reflect on your decisions? Everyday is a day full of opportunities. The greatest lesson I’ve learned is that opportunities don’t go away they just go to someone else and the only way to get a different result – you must do different things.

I encounter a lot of business owners who feel like they are threading water and not making any significant progress. You feel stuck.  It feels like the world is against you. Every day you get up ready for another fight. You give it your all and hope that it would be different. It’s not meant to be like that.

5 Easy Steps to Redirect and Progress Ahead

  1. Plan for Success
  2. Execute
  3. Evaluate
  4. Adjust
  5. Redirect

If the salmon knows they have to adjust their strategy to make it upstream; then so must you. As a business owner you must take time to reflect, analyse and adjust your strategy, while never losing sight of the end goal. 

The fastest way to make it upstream is by taking time for reflection.