What Hair Schools DON’T Teach and Hairdresser’s WON’T share

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What you Need to know to  Transform from hairdressers to HAIR NINJAS!  Ideal for the Independent person, Mobile Stylists and those who work At-Home!

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Shocking Truths You Need to Know about the Hair Industry and 

What YOU Need to Do to WIN

What Hair Schools Don’t Teach and Hairdressers Won’t Share is a superb compilation of skills, mental agility and leadership to harness your career.  Transforming  hairdressers to HAIR NINJAS!

This book is a treasure chest of simple and effective methods to recapture the beauty that is tragically lost in the beauty industry.  The art of hair color visioneering is a pivotal element to operating a successful salon business.  HAIR NINJAS are encouraged to embody this concept to become an authority.

The systems, concepts and strategies outlined in this book will undoubtedly elevate you to higher standards within the beauty industry and give you the confidence, resilience and immunity against the constant uncertainty.

Working on location, in the park, on the stage, in homes and offices – mobile HAIR NINJAS are carving out an elite work life balance which provides flexibility for the clients and a rewarding career for themselves.