Solo Start-Ups – Specifically Designed for Salon Business

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Master Solo Start-Ups – Specifically Designed for Hairdressers

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  • Are You Starting Your Salon Business and Need Answers?
  • Are You working Independently?
  • Are You renting a Booth or a Chair in a Salon Setting?
  • Are You an At-Home Stylist working from the comfort of your home?

If you answer YES to any of the above – this book is for you!  You NEED these Strategies, Principles and Processes to successfully operate your salon business.

Managing a salon business successfully, means you need to learn how to find the most effective ways to plan your success strategies.  You need to juggle all aspects of marketing, sales, business management, employee retention, training , and somewhere in there do what you love to do – hairdressing!

Business management SYSTEMS AND AUTOMATION are two strong pillars required to generate consistent results.  The SIMPLE yet POWERFUL “footprints” are exactly what I used to successfully launch, grow and sustain a highly rewarding enterprise, Hair Salon Training Pros.  Hairdressing schools DO NOT teach you how to operate a profitable salon business.

The principles outlined in this book is specifically designed for hairdressers.  Principles which will give you the edge to management your business like a Hair Ninja!