Happiness – Not Pleasure BUT VICTORY!

Happiness is not pleasure but victory.  That means you have the tenacity, the drive and the conviction to stay on your path.  When the external world seems to lose faith in your abilities – your internal commitment gets stronger.  It doesn’t matter how descriptive you are when you describe your destiny to someone; ONLY YOU can experience the inner stirring and the vision which resides deep within you.

Accept tears of the moment for a lifetime of laughter.  When you cross the victory line you know you’re made of the stuff that you yourself cannot explain.  Whether you call it hiccups, crisis, frustration, obstacles or any other term; these moments of tears are well earned and positions you to take the next step.  It equips you with stamina, determination and conviction to do what must be done.  Thoughts and visions materialized in the outer world, yet they are designed internally.

Personally, I love “scenic” drives because they offer look-out points for a different point of views; it contains twists and turns, shifting altitudes, different terrains, hills and valleys, colours and textures plus all the sounds and smells of nature.  Imagine what this feels like to be in the midst of such an oasis!  Can you smell it?

This is what you must do to achieve your vision; immerse yourself so deeply into your goals.  Take the steps which are presented – often you discount the situations because you feel you are not getting what you want – this is indeed true!  I believe you get what you need, not what you want.  I am sure you have experiences in your past which at the time seemed horrific, and today you reflect and realize it was a blessing.

There are so many times when I look back my logically mind cannot explain most of the things I did.  However I am better because of the richness of those experiences.

Like me, I know you will never be the ultimate expert because the world around is changing and evolving.  What you CAN do is experience each day fully.

Victory awaits!   I’d like to end with this quote from Zig Ziglar:

Seek to be a Meaningful Specific instead of a Wandering Generality!    (