Abundance and What It Means For You

This past December my destination on planet earth was the country of Panama. For several years now it’s our annual family time together. Each time I visit someplace different, some times in a country I’ve visited before; but in another region. For the first time I was deep into the surroundings of a rain forest. One thing is for sure, the creator of this earthly planet is a magnanimous designer. Abundance has a whole new meaning aside from material possessions.

There was no absence of life anywhere. The co-habitting of human and other earthly creatures was definitely a sight to behold. The 3-dimentional aspect obvious. However the more intricate and philosophical aspect was the sense of connection to the earth itself. The opportunity to experience life in it’s natural formation is nothing short of experiencing a miracle. Divine order prevails. All living creatures demonstrating superb “life in abundance” living and the utmost respect for each other.

Dream a dream and watch it come to Life

Going to Panama was on our bucket list for a few years now. Although we did not make a conscious decision that this was the year – we were open to possibilities. Our search for a destination was in a very different continent. What was emerging was extremely expensive, and mostly the dates were not aligning with everyone’s schedule. As I let go of the search, I received an email two days later with this trip highlighted. It was perfect in all aspects. Dates, cost, activities, location, etc. everything fell into place and away we went.

Self Imposed Barriers

We humans are our own worst enemies. We create our own limiting beliefs and we put up our own boundaries. Most of the families living in this region are not classified as “wealthy” on the money scale, yet their minds and their approach to life itself is richer, more joyful and confident.

Their appreciation for nature, their respect for the earth and their simple way of life is a masterpiece in itself. I learned this some time ago from one of my mentors:  “The more love I give to life – the more love I find in life”! 

The more I allow myself to experience the moment fully, the more “time” has no baring or importance with the level of resonance I feel, connecting to nature.

One of my highly respected mentor Bob Proctor has created a superb short meditation which you can incorporate into your daily practice. He says abundance is your birth right!

Use Time as a Reference ONLY

During my short visit to this absolutely beautiful country – time stood still. Mentally reliving this experience is magical, mystical and magnificent in every way. Time is an earthly indicator measured in various ways – the sundial, water clock, hour glass, pendulum clock and digital clock. Time is not usually top of mind when you are fully engaged in active living.

Time is not what it seems, it matches my state of being – if I feel rushed or hurried then the time seems to be going quickly. The “power lies in this realization: “time has no power over me at all”.”

Abundance Duplicates

The natural wonder of the earth to re-generate, re-create, re-new, re-birth, re-grow proves that there is always abundance, yet a little different each time.

Go forth to design your magical experience. Each day is a chance to begin a new.