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Do you want to quickly boost your technical & business skills to make more money?

Is there a way for you to learn essential new skills to get dramatic results in a short period of time?

Hi, my name is Dee Sarwan and I am the Founder of Hair Salon Training Pros.

After 20 years as a professional in Corporate Canada I followed my heart to start a new career in the Beauty industry. I spent 25 thousand plus dollars on hairdressing training courses, hairstyling school, hair and beauty courses, makeup artist training, and earning my licences and certifications, then I got to thinking; how many people can really afford $25K in training?

Furthermore, do hair professionals have 2 to 5 years to obtain all their certifications?  It doesn’t seem fair does it? The industry standard is to put you through hours of theory, apprenticeship and get you to spend thousands of dollars. I know you want to keep upgrading and updating your skills, yet training is not always readily available or affordable.

Then there is the hush-hush side of the hair industry.  Are you one of the many GREAT and TALENTED stylists who are NOT licenced? Many stylists are not certified to work with hair coloring or with chemicals.  Likely, you WANT your certifications but, don’t have time to get certified, even though it’s required by law.

The biggest problem I see is that most Hairdressers and Salon employees simply don’t have “2 years” to invest in training. They need ANSWERS NOW!

And, most hairstylists don’t have the $25,000 it takes to go back to school.

Not only that,

Hair Cutting Schools and courses really don’t prepare hair industry professionals to be Successful Entrepreneurs. You need Marketing Intelligence NOW! This is a business muscle and business intelligence that you can’t afford to ignore.

In fact, when I was a student completing my training, few of my trainers offered any real “hands on” opportunities in the courses.  And when they did, it was mannequins or client after client earning tons of money for the benefactor of the schools and the trainers really didn’t get involved in my process or anyone else’s for that matter.  It was, frankly, more than a bit disappointing.

The even bigger problem is that hairstyling school and most “hair and beauty” courses never offer anything in the way of marketing advice! In fact, most Salons will fail in their first 3 years of business because salon owners or “chair renters’ really have little idea how to build their business and generate massive sales.

It was clear in my first year in business that some systems and processes in the industry were clearly lacking, and as an operations specialist I could see opportunities where others would miss them.

During my own apprenticeship, I observed owners slaving in their own salons.  They made so many mistakes but, I only had corporate experience at that time so I didn’t feel it was my place to advise them.  I witnessed staff misery, cheating, lying and staff sitting on their backsides waiting for something to happen.


Your Salon Business could Be BOOMING!

Your Life Can Be Very Different! … Is this What You Want or NEED?

I want to share my salon building business skills and technical training expertise so your life can be improved. I want you to have your certifications! I want you to be prepared and be compliant.

As an operations specialist for Kraft Canada with over 20 years corporate experience, I flexed some serious business muscle that was easily transferrable to operating a successful Salon.

But I didn’t rest on those business muscles.

In addition to learning everything I can about the Hairdressing and Beauty trade, I opened my own Salon. I also went back to increase my business knowledge and obtained my certifications in Internet Marketing, Social Media and Train the Trainer.

This was the turning point that helped me grow my system and where I decided it was time to help others EXPLODE THEIR OWN salon profits!

THE INDUSTRY ISN’T PERFECT! You need this valuable information NOW and you don’t have 2 years and thousands of dollars to go through a College Business and Marketing Program!

The College of Trades created through Bill 183 will affect you as a Beauty Professional.  It’s here and IT Will hold YOU and your Salon to higher standards. So, do NOT get caught – because IGNORANCE of the law is not a legal defence.  You will need to know how to prepare your salon and your staff. It’s not too late to get prepared.

The hairdressing and beauty industry is a monster. It could bleed you dry. It can make you go broke, or it can make you rich. It can even make you famous.  The only difference between broke and rich is KNOWLEDGE. It’s the right amount of business intelligence and technical skills.

I’ve captured some impactful lessons I learned from various sources – which you likely did not learn in hair school to help you get the Answers and business muscle you need and within a very short period of time and without spending a ton of money.  Get them in the “Resources” section.

Who is this Training For?

  • New Hairdressing Stylists
  • Professional Stylists
  • Stuck In a Rut Stylists And Salons
  • Hairdressers
  • Colorists
  • Colour Specialists
  • Colour Technicians
  • Stylists
  • Salon Owners
  • Salon Managers
  • Independent Hairstylists
  • Hair Industry Professionals
  • Hairdressing Training Course Graduates

Your goal is to:

Relax and watch your appointment book burst with new business

  • To grow a money making team to create more of life luxuries for yourself
  • Attract STACKS OF NEW CLIENTS to sustain growth or even a bigger Salon

You probably want to know exactly how to create weekly targets and SMASH those TARGETS week, after week, after week!

You’ll need some Business Intelligence especially designed for independent owners.


No Cost, Low Cost and Even if you Have NO MONEY, there are things you can do TODAY to increase your sales!

Sometimes, you don’t know what you don’t know!  Your Hairstyling School trainer or your mentor may have never run a successful business before. They too probably struggled to make ends meet, and probably didn’t know how to teach you how to increase your sales. You may be the BEST Hair Stylist in Toronto, but if nobody knows about you, then how will that increase your bank account?

I’ve walked into Hair Salon RECEPTIONS where no one took control.

  • I’ve trained under questionable trainers.
  • I know of apprentices who are mentored by salon owners with low personal values and zero integrity.
  • I’ve worked for Salon owners who had no clue how to make their Salon into a money making machines.

The industry could use some new heroes. Could this be you?

Do you want to make your Salon into a Money Making Machine?

Do you know what top 3 things you should say to your customers as soon as they walk in the door?

Do you know how to increase your conversions? How to upsell?

Do you know what you should say when you pick up the phone?

What about internet marketing and Social Media?

It’s a shame that there are so many things that Hair Dressing Salons and Hair Design Stylists are NOT doing when it comes to their own websites. Did you know that you could use your WEBSITE and Social Media tools AS A SALES MACHINE?

Our Guarantee

When you decide to use these resources; we promise you will learn success strategies, operating principles and transferable technical skills that will allow you to increase your market value, grow you business and experience a rewarding career.  Our policy is pay and play.  No refunds are issued before you implement the strategies and principles, however should you executed these strategies and you do not feel you got great value, simple request a refund; less 30% administration fee.

Discovering how to use marketing in your salon can literally change your life.

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